Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Just for my record

I'm sitting outside on this beautiful day going through some boxes in our garage when I hear the neighbors playing basketball no big deal right? Well I had to put some stuff in the van and when I walked to the end of the drive way I could see the people playing ball. There were a few boys ages 10 to 11 playing with their shirts off. GREAT. This should be an interesting summer trying to keep my 9 year old innocent. In the time I have been out here I have only heard one swear word so that is somewhat promising but not really. I think I am going to be spending a lot of my summer outside supervising and just when I thought the kids should be old enough to be outside with out me there, oy! I posted this to my facebook status but I wanted it in blog form so that I can look back on it in an easier format. Well time to go get the two oldest from school.

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Adina said...

in Europe when men work in the backyard they are shirtless. i didn't think much of it. especially at 9 years old. i wouldn't worry much about it. the swear words...that's a different story but she's a smart girl