Thursday, June 03, 2010

Packing Packing Packing then...

Unpacking unpacking unpacking that is what we have been doing. One night we stay at the “old” house the next we stay at the “new” house. I can’t wait until we only have one place we lay our heads, not that I’m not grateful to have the other house to live in and get healthy again in.

Can I just say that I hate funerals? Especially when they for family who are so young, in the last post I said she was 20 I was wrong she was 22 not that it makes a huge difference she is still gone. The only nice part about something like this is getting to see extended family even if everyone is crying. At the luncheon a girl I used to play with during the summers was telling me she thought she saw me at Disney in September. Her face was priceless when I told her I was at Disney in September and told her the dates I was there. She said, “Then I wasn’t crazy for thinking I saw you. Cause I really did.” One thing I wasn’t aware was going to happen to me was seeing my grandpa’s brother Larry (they look very much alike) at the wake and missing my grandpa so much I just started crying. Just thinking of that encounter is making me cry. Lastly I want to write my most vivid memory of my cousin Jessica. She is 9 years younger than me and in the summers when we went to my grandparents farm you weren’t allowed in the house unless you had to use the bathroom. My Aunt Penny and Uncle Mark lived at the house at the farm. One summer my Aunt Penny let me be her mother’s helper with Jessica (the baby of 4) she was about 2 years old and was on a medication for some sort of sickness. My Aunt told me not to let her have milk because of the medication she was on. Well Jessica wanted milk for breakfast. She had a bowl of cereal (not sure if she got it for herself or I got it for her) she also had an empty cup. She wanted milk in. I told her she couldn’t have milk and that her mom said she could have orange pop. She let me pour her the pop and then dumped it in her cereal and then demanded milk in the cup. She never got the milk but she did eat the cereal. She was definitely a girl who knew exactly what she wanted. I am happy to know that she is once again able to dance, run, talk, and do all the things she has missed out on the last 7 1/2 years since she was in a horrible car accident. She is resting in the arms of Jesus with her best friend Jackie, who died in the car accident.

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