Tuesday, July 06, 2010

4th of July Holiday

It is one of my favorites but also one of my least. It is my favorite because we are busy for a whole week doing fun activities but my least because I single parent it that whole week. This year I didn't take any pictures of the kids on the rides mainly because most of the rides that Peanut could go on I had to go with her which makes picture taking hard. I do feel bad for not getting the joy on their faces captured in pictures but it is etched in my memory for life. Also this is the first year we went to the Fest that I didn't have another adult with me. It actually wasn't too bad. I told the kids we all had to stay together and do the rides together. Of course, GG wanted to go on rides that only her and Monkey were big enough for and Monkey didn't want to go so the 4 of us watched her go on them a few times. It wasn't too bad. Next year I'm thinking will probably be a lot harder because GG will be too big for all the little kid rides. Anyways, one day of the Fest we got an elephant ear and a funnel cake to share and another day we got blizzards for a little treat. We saw a lot of kids from school which was fun. Last night was the last day so we stayed til it closed. About an hour before it closed I noticed my phone was missing. So we looked for it and didn't find it. I am hoping someone turns it in but I'm not holding my breath. Then I realized that I was wearing the same shorts that I had on at Disney when I lost my phone there. I am thinking these shorts don't hold my phone very well especially when I sit down. At least I didn't drop my phone in the toilet filled with urine like my hubby did! The only reason I write that is because he put it on facebook :)

The rest of this week is going to be getting back to our normal sleep hours. The kids have been going to bed at 11ish to midnight and getting up around 10ish in the morning. This morning Peanut didn't wake up until 10:30 but she did wake up at 4 something in the morning and came in my room. I took her to the bathroom and snuggled her in my bed but she was too restless and was waking J up so I took her to her bed and laid with her in there for awhile. No nap for her today and hopefully she will go to bed around 7:30 tonight. I need to reset the sleep patterns closer to school so that in 9 weeks when school starts does start it isn't so hard on all of us.


Paloma said...

Sounds like you had a great 4th of July weekend with the kids. Its such an exciting time of the year to take the kids to amusement parks!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Ugh. I have a pair of shorts like that. Hope it turns up!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Our sleep has been ALL over the place. I am just so happy I've finally gotten them to sleep in a bit.


KC said...

Glad you had a good 4th weekend.
I had a pair of shorts that didn't hold my phone very well.. I was sitting at a ball game and when I stood up to look for my phone in my pocket it wasn't there.. I grabbed DH phone and called mine Thankfully it had been turned in and I was able to get it back..
Good luck on getting back to a normal sleeping time.. my whole summer normally ended up with noone going to bed till 11pm or midnight and me even later then that..
and since I haven't been on in awhile.. I'm glad your in the new house and all seems to be well there.