Sunday, July 04, 2010

Been Awhile...

Today is the 4th of July and I am sitting in bed at 9:40am. I am the only adult home and extremely exhausted from yesterdays activities. We got up at 7am to pick our oldest up from camp, I missed her so much, then we went to "The Fest" until 11 something and got home around 11:45 last night and I'm tired! J is already at work and he won't be getting home until late again tonight. The kids and I always enjoy "The Fest" but the biggest down part is that J is there but working so he can't go on rides with us or anything else. We do stop in and see him about every hour or so. Last night was really fun. At about 6:30pm some friends (Beth and Matt R) met us there and we went on rides with them. Then they left to go watch the fireworks and our other group of friends came. I say group because it was Jason and Kristy with their 4, Amanda and her daughter, Aaron (Kristy and Amanda's brother) and his girlfriend and Sue, the grandma. You put all of them with us 5 and you got a BIG group of people. It was fun Aaron took GG on some of the bigger rides I can't do with her because I have the other kids. When we weren't on rides Aaron was being the "ride" himself for the kids and throwing them all over the place. Which of course, made all the kids jump on him for more. In the end his shorts got ripped. Still not sure how but the funniest part was that he was underwear-less. His naked butt cheek was hanging out of his pants. He only realized it when he noticed one of the carnival workers laughing at him. We went over to J's booth and repaired his shorts with a police badge and stickers. It was so funny because with the shiny badge holding the shorts together it drew more attention to that area!!!

Other then the Holiday activities we have been busy doing work outside in the yard. I have pictures of before and after that I will hopefully get up soon. We got some new neighbors who moved in to the house that is kitty corner to us with 3 kids. 7 yr old boy, 5 yr old boy, and 3 yr old girl. The only thing that would make it prefect is if they had an older girl for GG :) The kids have been hoping the fence and having a good ole time playing with each other. Almost everyday this week they have gotten to play together. I do think it is quite funny that the neighbor kids stand at the gate when we aren't outside and yell "DO YOU WANT TO PLAY?" over and over until someone comes out to play with them. And we are outside A LOT so it happens usually when we are eating.

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Kristin said...

Fun times!!!:) Happy Fourth!:)