Friday, December 03, 2010


Now I remember why I don't try and surprise people! I'm not good at it. GG's teacher's birthday today he is 60 so it is a pretty big one. She wanted to throw him a surprise party. Since I work in the cafeteria I was asked by his wife who is a 2nd grade teacher to help organize it. The organize part I can do. I sent to school a list of items needed for the party for the kids to sign up for. Then I sent out a letter to each student the week of the party of what they were bringing and where to take it. No problem I can totally handle that part of it. The tricky part was getting his students into his wife's class before him without him know why. The original plan was that his wife was going to call him to have him come open her window and then his class follow behind him. This made GG sad because her class wouldn't be there for the whole surprise part of the party. So on the fly I told his wife I was going to set up a meeting with him and the principle. I told the principle the real reason for the meeting...the surprise party! That way his class could get to her class and then she could call him to come to her class. This is the part where I freak out. What did I just get myself into. A meeting with my child's teacher and the principle. I am NUTS! All day long I was trying to think of something to talk to them about that would be worthy of having a meeting with both of them. Most of the stuff I could think of would only require me to talk to the teacher. Basically, in the meeting I wanted the principle to know how good of a job this particular teacher was doing. Most of the time principles only get parents in their office to complain about a teacher and I wanted to do the opposite. The teacher was shocked and didn't want me to stop talking :) It ended up being perfect because another teacher poked their head in needing the principle for an urgent student matter. As the meeting ended his wife called about the window. I got him to walk with me in the direction that would not allow him to stop by his empty classroom! I small talked him about my daughter. Then waited for him to go up stairs and followed him up. He was so SURPRISED! It made all my freaking out worth it.

I just got back from a girls night with my two girls, their friends and my friends. We went out to eat and then went and saw Tangled. It was a really cute movie. Peanut got scared at some of the action scenes and would hold my arm tighter and tighter. It was really funny. Then she sat in my lap for a good portion of it. But ended the movie in her own seat. GG was laughing through the whole movie and she was laughing LOUD! I love hearing her laugh. The girls and I had a ton of fun and just reminds me yet again I need to spend more one on one time or in this case two on one time with the kids, we always have such a great time!

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Amber said...

That is SO thoughtful, Tonya!! I'm sure he was totally surprised and loved it!