Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Summer in a Nutshell

The Pool. That is pretty much were we have lived this summer with an occasional park throw in here or there! A family from church got a pool pass too so when we have been at the pool they have usually been there too. They had 4 kids all summer until last Monday when she had her 5th baby. Which means the last time we went to the pool it was just my kids. It was good and bad. Good because they played with each other but bad because they got bored quicker. My friend said she was hoping to take all 5 kids to the pool this coming week!!! Also wanted to add that we have gone swimming so much Peanut's swimsuit got a whole in the butt and we had to go get her a new was slim pickins and she ended up with a bikini. I finally remembered to take the camera with me the day we were alone so I got some really cool shots of them kids on the diving boards and in the water!!! I hope to get some pictures with the kids and there friends this coming week. Without further ado my favorite PICTURES! I took WAY more than this ;)
Peanut's favorite thing to do...
mid jump
into the water and then swimming to big sis
Monkey off the high dive...he's flying
GlamorGirl doing a handstand
Red's trick off the high dive
Her showing me how she goes underwater...
her under the water
These two are ones who got out of the pool before it was time to go...

What about you what have you been doing this summer?
I hope it has been as fun as ours :)

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Jessa said...

We haven't done a whole lot. The beginning of summer they splashed around in the little 2-ring pools we could set up on the back patio and be able to dump every night. We've gone to the splash pad once, 3 museums. I never did get their bike tires fixed, so they didn't ride them even once. I know we did other things, but we really did nothing all summer long.