Tuesday, August 02, 2011


We are almost half way through this week and will get to be reunited with two of our family members. Come on Saturday get here please!!! In other news I am so sick of going outside and seeing raccoon poop all over my backyard. They have been pooping in the window well but now they are just going all over the place. There is a family of raccoon that live in a vacant house that is owned by a bank on the next street over. They come to my yard because we have the cherry tree and veggie garden. At first I didn't think they were eating any of my veggies I knew they had eaten cherries but yesterday when I went out to water right next to some poop was a half eaten tomato. So annoyed. I looked up animal control and told them my problem they told me to call my local police department which as a police officers wife I knew was not the right thing to do. But I called anyway, yup they can't do anything to help me. They told me to find out who owns the house and bring a civil suit against them, really? Not helpful. I got the name and number of my Alderman from my nice neighbor and gave him a ring. To my surprise he answered the phone and I got to tell him what was going on. He knew about this house and has dealt with issues with this house before. Mainly yard overgrowth. I really don't care how the yard looks I don't want raccoons in my yard at 5pm at night when my kids want to be outside playing because the harsh sunlight has gone down. It isn't safe for them to be in their own back yard. I am just so frustrated at this situation and the last thing I want is for one of the kids to get attacked or step in the poop and bring it in the house. Why do these things always seem to happen when Jeff is gone? UGH


Adina said...

Yikes! Everything about this is gross!! But come on, the tomatoes???

Kat said...

Raccoons are so sassy. I hope your problem is resolved soon!