Tuesday, March 13, 2012


My hair appointment for Friday that is! I haven't had a hair cut in, um, years?! That is really sad. The other day (about 2 weeks ago) I was sitting on the couch and looking at the ends of my hair. They were split and dead and just a hot mess. SO I got out my little nail scissors and started cutting all the split ends I saw. No need for a hair cut I just fixed my problem right?! WRONG. A week later I was looking again and saw a bunch I missed so I repeated the above process. I thought that should be good enough now. Well it wasn't I am still finding them. Which brought me to my breaking point, I need a real hair cut that gets like 3 inches of hair off of my head. So I did it. I called and made an appointment. I guess $75 for let's say two years is good for hair care.

On the topic of hair Peanut was outside riding her bike. We are currently working on her riding two wheels. It isn't going so well. Anyway, I was putting on her helmet and was looking at the ends of her hair and I saw split ends. I didn't think little kids could have that?! I asked if she wanted me to cut her hair and make it healthier so it could grow longer and be like Rapunzel. She was all about it. I took her to the bathroom and cut about an inch off of her hair. It looks SO much better now. GG needs a trim too. The girls are both growing their hair out to either donate or sell, so they've got a ways to go before they have the length needed. Haha I just wrote a post about hair. I have other things on my mind but I'm not willing to share them. But I wanted to write.

Oh in other news...I just got the book The Vow, you know the book that the movie is based off of? I read it in two days. It was so good. Nothing like the movie. I actually think I liked the book better because it was a true story. Though it has put a fear of driving in me. And we are taking a road trip this year. OY 

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