Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our long awaited Texas Trip!

Remember last year how Jeff and I went to the Bahamas? The cover story for the surprise cruise to the Bahamas was that we were going to Texas. Needless to say that the kids were disappointed that they didn't get to go to Texas last year so we made it right this year! Friday (30th) we got up and loaded up the rental van and started out on our road trip. We did as much driving as we could that first day so that we could get to my Aunt's for dinner on Saturday.
 This is how the kids watched movies!
Not sure why he is making this face but since he did I am putting it online :)
We were super excited to cross into Texas that we stopped to get some pictures. As you can tell it was super bright outside and this is the best shot we got! 

Sunday we went to Sea World, I hadn't been there in years and I actually really didn't remember much of it. It was so fun! We went to all the shows and rode some of the rides. Here are some of my favorite pictures for that day....
 watching the dolphins eat
 my dad and Red
 Peanut was so excited to meet these Sesame Street Characters!
 Before the 4D movie
 Peanut in a cool tunnel
The kids watching one of the shows at Sea World!
(the video that was here isn't working and I don't have time to fiddle with it just yet...check back to see Peanut on down)
 Notice: Peanut has her hands in the air the whole way down. She is in the back row all the way over to the right.
 This is what they looked like after that water ride!

To be continued...

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Kat said...

Wow! That looks like a fabulous trip! How fun! :)
And by the way, I LOVE you header pic! So awesome!