Saturday, April 14, 2012

Part 2 of our trip!

We've been home a week now and I finally feel like things have settled down and we're back to normal around here! I want to start this post off with the video that didn't work in the last post because I want people to see it :)

Moving along...on Monday we went to the Alamo and River Walk in San Antonio. I thought it was super neat to hear the story of the Alamo, because I honestly didn't remember it from school. Here are some cool shots we got at the Alamo...

For lunch we ate on the River walk

After lunch my dad and step-mom took the kids to the Children's museum and Jeff and I went on a segway tour of San Antonio. It was SUPER cool. Once I got over my fear of falling off or getting hurt I had a blast. We had a private tour because the other couple canceled, score for us! First pictures of us on our segways!
 Jeff getting his lesson
 Me getting my lesson
 In front of the Alamo 
Now what the kids did while we had fun :)

It worked out great that the San Antonio's Children's Museum was right across the street from where Jeff and I had our segway tour. And bonus with our museum pass they all got in for free!
Then we walked back down the the Riverwalk and took a boat ride and got some ice cream! YUM!

Once again this is getting really long it will have to be continued...and I'm not even adding all the pictures we took!


Kat said...

Holy brave 4 year old on the waterride! I always thought the waterrides were the scariest because it feels like you could skid right off the water. :)
What a fabulous trip! You look AMAZING, by the way. :)

Adina said...

You look great on the banner blog. And I love that you're in fishnet stockings!
But seriously this look like it was so much fun!! I heard great things about the river walk.