Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Time

I'm getting really bad at the updating of my blog. Life is just so busy with 4 kids that I forget or am too exhausted from the day to think straight! This past week has totally thrown off my sleep schedule. Tuesday July 3rd the kids and I went out on my dad's boat to watch fireworks on the lake. It was really a cool experience to be on the water when it was so dark! Driving the boat was harder because you couldn't see and we almost hit to buoys...oops. But it was way better putting the boat cover back on because the sun wasn't beating down on us. We ended up getting home that night around 11ish. On the 4th the two boys were in the parade for baseball and then we went to the "Fest" for the rest of the night with Aunty Becky. That was a pretty memorable I don't think my kids will ever forget or let me forget! Let's just say that one of the carnival workers made it his goal to hit on all the women in attendance with the pick up line of "call me maybe" with his number. It was a good laugh but made for an awkward rest of the Fest for that one ride. Thursday my dad picked up the two oldest and took them to Great America on Friday and Saturday. So I only had two kids while I was single parenting it...woot woot. I say single parenting it because Jeff's work schedule was INSANE! The 4th he worked from 8am to 11pm, 5th: 3:30pm to 12:30am, 6th: 3:30pm to 1:30am 7th: 9am to 4am (the longest day) 8th: 7am to 11pm. So yeah not much help from him. Thursday the two kids and I met some friends at the Fest. Friday we had a going away party and then my future sil came over to hang out...SO fun! Saturday we rocked the Fest from 3pm to midnight (close) then we did the same thing on Sunday but it closed at 10pm. It was many late nights and it has thrown me completely off. But this week the kids have VBS at 9am not good when we have been sleeping in until 10am. Here are some pictures from the first night of the FEST!!! 

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