Monday, January 07, 2013

Back to the Grind

After having 16 days of getting to sleep in (most mornings 9am) today wasn't as bad as it could of been. Though I will say that I got a text from another mom asking about basketball at 6:30am, 20 minutes before my alarm was to go off and then when I didn't answer her text she called me right before my alarm went off. Now if you know me at all you would know I like my sleep. Even down to the last minute. The only reason why this was frustrating was the fact that the boys have been on the basketball team since the beginning of November. The practices have been the same days and the games are posted online. She asked if they had practice and a game today. Ugh.

Anyways, not why I got on here. This last two weeks have confirmed to me I can not homeschool my children. I would not get up out of bed at a reasonable time to teach them! Ha, just kidding not why I got on here either. It is amazing how relaxing those two weeks were. But starting back to the daily grind made me feel alive again. There was something comforting to getting back to the routine.

I have some goals for this year that I'm a little nervous to post about because I'm really not sure I want accountability on them. Ha. But I think I will post it anyway and just know that this is a goal and I will probably mess up. I want to be better with managing our family's money. We put A LOT on our credit card. Now I'm not saying that I am not going to use the card anymore but I am going to make sure that I'm not just buying stuff that we don't need, I sometimes do this. My biggest weakness is going out to eat. I love eating out. It's just so fast and easy but so unhealthy. So ultimately it means meal planning again. In tightening up on spending I hope to be able to use that extra money to pay down one of our loans. There is no possible way to get it paid off this year but I could do some shrinkage of it. Ok now that it is out there...yipes.  

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Adina said...

I know, isn't it funny how putting stuff out there makes us more accountable. It's the reason I started "to do" lists this year.