Thursday, January 03, 2013

Lazy Days of Christmas Break

We have had a handful of days this Christmas break that we have just lounged around the house in our jammies All. Day. Long. I absolutely love those days. We have played so many board games and watched many hours of television it isn't normal but it is so relaxing and fun. I talked about taking the kids different places for fun but all of them cost money...roller skating, bowling etc. I have to say that this break since we haven't gotten together with friends or done much out side of the house except for go to some family gatherings the kids have gotten along REALLY well. I can't think of one time I had to listen to a fight or break up a fight. Pure bliss. It has been super peaceful. LOVE it. Today was one of our lazy days. I hope I can remember that the key to family bonding isn't spending a ton of money to do something fun it is just being together doing the free stuff!

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Adina said...

no fighting?
sounds divine!