Monday, August 01, 2005

My friend Marni just left, she came over for dinner. I met her in college and she was in J and I's wedding and I am glad we are still friends. J found out today that one of his friends from High School is expecting their first baby and that is pretty cool. This weekend was a girl's weekend with the exception of Red who is always with me!!! First we shopped at the mall and had a blast then we went to dinner at TGI Friday's and then to the movie Must love Dogs. It was so relaxing and completely what I needed! The kids had a great weekend too, they spent the night with J's parents (not planned) and then went swimming twice and had the VBS program and root beer floats. J's brother Joe is in town as well as Liz being back from camp it was a lot of fun for them. Today we took Liz out for lunch and heard all about the new guy :) Cute story about GG...we had a really bad storm the other night and a big branch fell from one of our trees on top of a truck. Well I was on the phone and I heard GG calling my name. I figured she was just scared because of the storm, it was loud. I went back to her room and she says, "Mommy the most wonderful thing happened." I said, "what?" she said, "Look outside! That tree fell apart. There was light then it fell off." It was pretty funny especially that she thought it was wonderful... Monkey had his 3 year check up a few days ago he is 36 1/4 inches and 33 lbs and I also weighed Red to see how big he has gotten and he was 13lbs 13oz I couldn't believe it almost 14 lbs!!! He started out barely 6lbs only 2 1/2 months ago. I asked my friend Marni who she thought Red looked like because I have a theory. She said Monkey like I thought she would. My theory is people who are related to Red say GG and unrelated people say Monkey. So far my theory is true. It really doesn't matter to me who people say as long as he looks like one of our family members!! He has really started to smile and giggle more. He wakes up every morning with great big smiles for me that last about 10 minutes or so. What a blessing he has been.

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