Thursday, June 22, 2006

Our First Family Road Trip!

Our Billy Bob Teeth!

Me holding Isaac

GlamorGirl and Daddy on the lawn mower :)

Daddy and Red riding!

Monkey and Daddy cutting the grass!!!!

We just got back from North Carolina. The kids did great on the 15 hour van ride there and 14 hours on the way back. They only watched 2 movies, too! We took out one of the middle bucket seats so that way we had room for food and other stuff. And each of the kids had a bag full of fun things to do! On the way there we stopped at a gas station and we brushed our teeth. Monkey was with J in the men's bathroom and this guy said to Monkey, "Are you truckin with daddy?" J said no that we were on our way to N.C. and the man said, "Ain't nothing wrong with North Carolina." So that was our catch phrase the whole trip. It was pretty funny! We stayed with J's brother and his wife, Virginia, and their baby, Isaac. They have two cats and Red *was* freaked out by cats and dogs but I believe he is good now. The first two days he cried anytime they came near him and would fuss until someone came over a picked him up. But by the end of our trip he was crawling after the cats, hitting at them and pulling their tails. GG really got attached to Dora (the orange cat) and Monkey pretty much stayed clear of them all which was probably a good thing since when he got allergy tested they said he has a sensitivity to cats. The first night we were there GG and Monkey went outside to play in the sand box and after 10 minutes of being outside Monkey had a misquote bite on his forehead and one of each of his ankles. This kid is highly allergic to them and so the bite on his head swelled to about the size of a golf ball and each of his ankles did too. He had CANKLES! Poor kid, I've never seen someone's body react like his does. Each of the kids got to ride on the riding lawn mower. J drove and was driving it like it was a 4-wheeler. Virginia and I couldn't tell who was having more fun! The kids were squealing with joy and J had a huge grin on his face while making them squeal. One night we went to a pot luck for their church and we had a good time. J and I played badminton...haven't done that since college. Of course, GG made a friend that she was so sad to say good bye too at the end of the night. Monkey made some friends to but he didn't really care when it was time to go. The difference between boys and girls, I guess! It was a good vacation but like all vacations it was so nice to be home and in our own bed :)

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