Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Baby loves water...

Peanut loves playing in the water and usually throws a fit when we take her out. She got to go swimming Friday morning and I didn't have my camera to capture all the smiles. I gave her a bath today and took two videos of her playing in the water! These videos captured the way she waves, splashes and sucks the water off her toes, and I loved it!

A few days ago I entered a photo contest for Mother's Day. I was not a finalist. There were over 400 blog entries plus I don't know how many email ones. It had to be a tough choice and I'm glad I didn't have to make it. But one of my blogging buddies is a finalist! So if you could be so kind to click HEREand vote for Flip Flop Mamma, she has no idea I'm asking for your help. Her little girl is holding her baby in a child size sling. It really is a cute picture! The voting ends Friday, May 9th.


Happi said...

Hi Tonya,
Did not get your email. Might be better to call. Sorry for all these technical issues...we're working on them!
Happi : )

We are THAT Family said...

What a cutie! Mine loves the water too. Just keep it warm. If it's too cold, she cries. Wonder how summer will go at the city pool?

Btw, thanks for visiting me this weekend while I've been in bed recovering. Your comments cheered me up!