Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Fest!

This year I am taking a little different approach on the whole festival/carnival. I actually read through some of the other activities besides the rides. The boys did the baseball skills activity and both got a trophy. They actually gave Peanut one too just because she was there. HA! Another thing I am doing differently is actually eating some of the fest food. Typically I will feed the kids before we go and then pack a few snacks but this year I figure we didn't take a vacation last year and even though I want to take one this year it just might not happen so this will be our little vacation where we spend some money just enjoying ourselves! The first night we got an elephant ear and funnel cake to share because we went after Monkey's last baseball game of the season. Friday we ate dinner there and it was pretty good. Saturday we ate before we went and got some ice cream at the fest. The kids are so shocked. This is totally not what we have done in the past :) I have forgotten to bring my camera the last few days but am hoping to remember to bring it tonight so I can get some pictures to go with this post! I remember the camera the very last day of the fest! Here are some of the pictures I took.
Ice cream YUM

My serious ice cream eater :)
Racing down the big slide!

Monkey won!
Our favorite ride...well my favorite ride :)

Monkey's favorite ride...the bumper cars!

These two went on all the crazy rides!

2011 Fest was a good one! We spent two different nights with friends. One night with friends from school and the other night with friends from church. So much fun!!!

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Adina said...

that looks like oodles of fun!!