Saturday, July 09, 2011


This month a lot is happening for my little Monkey man. He is turning 9 years old and he is getting glasses. I never had to wear glasses so as his mom I am really nervous for him. I have no idea what to expect. I think he is slightly nervous to get them and have to wear them in front of his friends. Kids can be so mean and I guess he is going to find out who is true friends are...the ones that don't make fun of him. I am also nervous about the his siblings. They have already made a few comments that aren't very kind and fortunately I don't think he has heard them. I just really want him to feel good about needing glasses. Tons of kids have glasses there just isn't a whole lot in his school that do. I know this is what is best for him at this point in time. He is also probably going to be my kid that is going to need braces which will be another rough event for me. I never had those either. Though I think Peanut might need those too just hoping she doesn't need the glasses. The store called and left a message saying that his first pair of glasses is in so we are going to be picking them up. I think I will wait to finish this post when I have a cute picture of him in the glasses to upload. Ok here is my handsome little Monkey in his new cool glasses!!!
Not sure why the picture is so small but we lost power yesterday morning and I'm sitting in a coffee shop to get some internet time. The kids are at VBS! This post was started a few days ago...

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Adina said...

we are in the same boat sister! i think he looks handsome!