Friday, February 10, 2012

Birthday Sleepover

Tonight is the night of our first ever sleepover birthday party. I am really excited about it. She was able to invite 7 girls so that it would be an even number of girls if they all came. Two girls weren't able to come so our total for the night is 6 which I think is a perfect number because me and them all fit in our van!!! The plan as of now is the girls come over after school and they can play ping pong or whatever else they want to do then we'll eat at 5pm. After we eat she will open her presents and then Jeff will leave with the other three kids. We will have some time before we head out for a movie! We are deciding between Big Miracle or Hugo 3D. Then we will come back to our house and have a sundae bar and homemade truffles. Then they can get ready for bed and watch a movie or talk or whatever until they go to sleep. I will probably be with them until about midnight and then I will go to bed. I hope they go to sleep soon after. I really don't care unless they are too loud that no one else can sleep! Then we are having pancakes and eggs for breakfast! Then they go home. We shall see how it goes. All the girls that are coming over are really good kids so it should be just fine!


Kat said...

Excellent! That sounds like so much fun! Hope all goes well! :)

Adina said...

i want to know who's making truffles :)
happy birthday, gg!