Thursday, February 02, 2012

total randomness

I have completed my second scarf and am working on the next. I am still thoroughly enjoying the hobby of knitting. I really can't wait to start to learn how to make other items. But I have a list of people wanting scarfs I need to finish first ;)

The last few days have been absolutely crazy here. Last Thursday night we decided that we were going to go look at some used vans, 4 to be exact. All of them were Honda Odysseys. The first one we looked at all of us feel in love with. But we weren't going to try and buy it that night because we hadn't really talked about whether or not we were actually planning on buying a new van. We had decided that we would try and buy it but we had stuff planned for Friday and Saturday until about 4pm. By the time we got to the dealership they had already sold the van we wanted. Oh well it wasn't our van. However, it made Jeff want to actively start looking at vans that seat 8 people. He found a few that were 40 minutes away so my dad and I (along with Peanut) went to look at them. I liked the more expensive one, isn't that the way it always goes, and we began the negotiation which is why my dad was there. That is what he does for a living! I think the guy was not expecting that and it made him mad. I have a feeling he saw me coming and thought awesome I am going to be able to sell this van to her...her dad just must be here to make sure the van is worth buying. But not the case. In the end we walked away from that van and it was probably the best decision. At that point all the kids were done with school and Jeff was home from work so we all went to look at a different van a Toyota Sienna. Long story short they were jerks would not budge on the price even $400 so we left without that van as well. I am pretty much done looking for now but Jeff is on a mission to find us a "new" used van. I give up! We have been saving but we don't have nearly as much money saved as I would like to start looking. I feel like those two deals not going through is our answer to this is not the right time but Jeff still wants to go look at another van this weekend. I feel like we aren't going to be driving away with that one either...just my gut.

Other than that I am planning GG's birthday party for next Friday. She invited 7 girls to spend the night! Yipes :) So far I have only heard back from 5 girls saying yes so we are still waiting to hear about the other two. I just hope it is an even number. One of the things we are doing this weekend is going and getting the ping pong table the kids got for Christmas so that the girls can play it at the party. Just another thing to keep them busy! Other than that I think it is going to be a pretty low key party. Just pray for my sanity and that there is NO girl drama. GG had a sleepover last Friday with 3 girls and it was great. They got along so well, no fights, no drama just FUN. Hoping for the same result next week.  

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Amber said... buying! Sounds like the last few months at our house. You'll know when the right van/price comes along. Good luck!!