Saturday, February 04, 2012

What is the Deal?!?!

I told you about the van saga in the last post about the two vans we wanted to buy but ended up walking away from. Well Jeff found a van about 45 minutes away he wanted to take a look at today. He had talked to a salesperson about this particular van since Wednesday. The guy assured us that the van was ready and in great condition. Fast forward to this morning. We get up and head over to the dealership that is at least 45 minutes away. We get there and the van is not available to buy because last night it didn't start. It needed a new alternator which would be in on Tuesday. Um yeah thanks for wasting our time. You couldn't have called us to let us know this Friday night or at least this morning when you opened. I was beyond mad. We were there about 5 minutes from start to finish. What a complete waste of time and gas money. At this point I am just done with this whole buying a vehicle thing. Maybe in a month if that one dealership still has the one van we will go back and buy it but probably not. They were such jerks. I understand it is a business and they need to make money yada yada but I also need to be able to feed my family after buying a vehicle from you. The day wasn't a complete waste because we went over to Jeff's Aunt's house to get their ping pong table. It was the kids Christmas presents...a little late...but they LOVE it. We were able to spend some time with her which was super nice, since when we usually see her it is at a family gathering and there are tons of people which makes it really hard to spend good quality time with people.


Kat said...

No way!!! That would have made me SO MAD!!!!!!

Adina said...

yah....they don't really care.