Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Well this year was different then all the others I have ever celebrated. We got up early and went to early service and then went to the flee market with my in-laws. We walked the whole place which took about 2 hours and got some good finds one being a new bike for Red's birthday coming up soon. It wasn't a super hot day out but I got some sun! The rest of the day was pretty laid back because I ended up getting a headache but the kids were really good so that helped big time! I got some really cute homemade gifts from the kids...all but Peanut because I didn't make anything with her and she didn't go to Sunday school at church to make anything there she was pretty sad.

Other than that today Peanut gave me a present of cutting her hair. Ugh it looks so scraggly and she has her ballet recital this coming weekend. Great timing!


Adina said...

Bummer about the headache...and the haircut. Maybe the "H" words are causing trouble this week.
Hope today is better for you.

Kat said...

Overall it sounds like a good Mother's Day! :)