Thursday, June 16, 2005

What a day we have had today, not in a good way either. It really started with the fact that J and I stayed up way too late last night talking. The talking was good it was just that I am extremely tired today because of staying up so late. This morning we had a Kirby demonstration in the house were they come and show you how their product works and how *good* it cleans. Well the guy wasn't watching what he was doing and vacuumed up my mother's day present that was on the entertainment center, why would you vacuum an entertainment center?? Who knows. But the real question is why wouldn't you look what you are doing especially in someone else's house? Needless to say the company is going to replace my necklace. Then I get the kids ready for their sports class and we go with the directions from the park district. They were wrong and I got lost. Then we get there late to find out that the class was on Tuesday. I swear when I signed them up it was a Thursday class. That was just frustrating on top of everything else that had happened. So the kids and I went to school to visit grandma and then we went to the park and J met us there, he is working tonight. Then our friend Matt came over to get something J is letting him borrow and he moved a big chair for me that I just couldn't do and then he played with the kids for about 30 minutes. That was nice. We ate dinner and I read GG more in her book. Oh yeah we checked out the Little House in the Big Woods book from the library it is the book version of the Little House on the Prairie. She loves reading that book. So after we are done with this book we are going to get the second book, then the third and so on. What a great series! Ok time to get them to bed.

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