Monday, June 20, 2005

We just got cable internet a few days ago and it makes being on the internet so much faster. I can get on here and update my journal and be done. Anyways, my dad and step-mom just got back from Arkansas and want us to come over for dinner tonight so they can give the kids presents. So we are going over there for pizza!! YUM. The real reason I got on here was to write about GlamorGirl. This morning she wanted to play with her beads, she isn't allowed to play with them without mommy or daddy. So I told her that when Monkey took his nap I would play with her. If he was awake he would want to play too and the beads are really little. Anyways, when we were done Red woke up hungry so I nursed him. GG runs to get her baby doll Melody and says that she is hungry too. She sits down next to me and nurses her baby. While nursing Red pooped so he needed to be changed. While I finished nursing him GG got everything set up for me to change him...a new diaper, laid out the changing pad, and got the wipes. It was really cute. Then she grabs her baby and gets all her stuff ready to change her diaper! We have little cloth diapers for baby dolls. Everything I did or said to Red while changing him she said or did to her baby doll. It was really funny and super cute to watch. She is such a little mama. Then there is Monkey who wants to play with Red so bad he ends up startling him. He took the soft ball today and tried to play catch with Red...when he started crying because of the ball hitting his face startled him Monkey felt bad. All he wants to do is play big boy games with him, like he plays with GG. It is just so fun to see the differences in our children, it makes me love them even more for being them.

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