Sunday, May 21, 2006

Best dressed Kid!

Today we had Red's birthday party and he got some really cute outfits. He is definitely going to be the best dressed kid around! He really enjoyed eating his very own birthday cake :) He was quite messy. It was a nice party but the best part is that it is over ;)

Friday GlamorGirl's class had a field trip to Lamb's Farm and I went along. We had a blast. J also was on the shift that started a couple hours later then normal so we got to spend time with him before work. Then we met him at a park. The kids always love doing that as do I!!!

I was just sitting thinking about uploading some pictures of the field trip and party but I am just too worn out from all the excitement. Maybe I will tomorrow. Wait we are talking about taking the kids to the zoo tomorrow so maybe in a couple of days...

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