Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Happy Mother's Day

J made a power point presentation for me as part of my mother's day gift. It was really cute. I am trying to figure out how to get a link to it so you can see it :) Anyways, it had each of the kids birth statics (with pictures of them just born) and about my labor with them and then other pictures of me and them over the years. Very sweet! He gave me 2 dozen red favorite. Then after church he made me close my eyes and he drove me to this really yummy restaurant where we ate lunch. Then we hung out with his parents and now we are home and after dinner the kids are going to rub my feet and play with my hair while J rubs my back. Oh yeah I also got two tickets for an hour body message, rock on. I just have to call and make my appointment. So that is everything that J did. The kids each made me something at school. GlamorGirl made a jewelry box, very pretty. Monkey made a hanging basket with his handprints on it. During sunday school Monkey made me a necklace with his picture on it and GG made me some flowers made out of dryer sheets with a vase! Then while we were at the church service they each made me a card. Seeing their faces light up when giving me their gifts was the best. I love those kids with all my heart. I definitely feel blessed to be called their mom :)

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