Monday, May 29, 2006

More starts with Memorial Day!

We were eating dinner and Red wanted more cheese so I asked him "Do you want more?" He shook his head "yes". Monkey says, "More starts with Memorial Day. MMMMMMMMMore and MMMMMMMemorial see!" It was pretty cute the way he said it. We had a great day today. We got up and went to the parade...which is ALWAYS a treat for the kids. They get **CANDY** the funny part about that is the bag of candy is hanging on the door and neither one of them have mentioned eating any of it. It will hang there for about a week and maybe 3 pieces will get eaten by each of them at the most and then we will toss the rest. But they really did love running after the candy being thrown! GG was so sweet. Some of the people throw one piece of candy at a time to a group of 10 or so kids. Anyways, GG got the one piece thrown and she gave it to Monkey. It was the first candy of the day for her and she gave it to her brother because he didn't get one. I thought that was just the sweetest. I love her heart it is just so caring and loving. Monkey was cracking me up because he ran so fast to get the candy and he ended up with almost twice as GG...not that it mattered because it all went into the same bag. GG, of course loved seeing the cheerleaders, ballet dancers, and dancers. Monkey's favorite part was the karate kids that went past, a little boy about a year older then him, broke a piece of wood. That was big stuff to him. Red loved the bands and each time he heard the music he would start to dance...super cute.

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