Monday, January 07, 2008


I got my blood taken to get yet another test done we'll find out by Wednesday. Then J got a laptop so now I am free to get on the internet while laid up in bed/the couch. I just got back from my ultrasound and they will have the results from that by Wednesday as well so now it is just a waiting game to see if any of these things pan out.

But the most exciting news of the day is that GlamorGirl lost her first tooth. Which I am not exactly that happy about because it wasn't anywhere near coming out last night and both J and I told her it will come out when it is ready. It is hard being the last person in your class to loose a tooth especially when one of your best friends has lost 6 already. I've tried explaining to her that everyone is different in the tooth area. She didn't even cut her first tooth until her first birthday! She is going to be on the later end of things...but try to tell a her that! She is in 1st grade and turning 7 (in 10 days) which means she knows everything. I will hopefully have a picture up soon of the toothless wonder :)


Anonymous said...

OMGosh! I'll be praying for your good health to come back. Does your daughter like Arthur books and/or the cartoon? There's one where Arthur is 9 and still hasn't lost a tooth...maybe she'd like it?

sarahgrace said...

Hope all your tests and such come back with good results, and that you are feeling better soon.
Congrats to Glamorgirl on losing her first tooth!