Monday, February 18, 2008

100th day of School...and randomness

Yep, my kids had school today! I'm not complaining I actually like their school schedule. They start in September and get a week off for Thanksgiving, Good Friday and the following week for Spring Break (Easter Break they call it) and two weeks for Christmas break and they get out the beginning of June like all the other schools!

Well I am still in my "nesting" phase. I have cleaned out so many areas in our house! The other night I went through my shoes and got rid of 7 pairs, one being my wedding shoes, is that bad? But I never wear them. I also went through each kids baby books and made sure all the necessary things were filled in, I was a little behind on that. I only have a few things left to do on my list of things to do. However there is one task that I have to wait until it warms up, it is going through all the baby clothes in the garage and saying goodbye! Of course, I will keep a few favorites and the outfits they came home in but the majority of it is going.

Oh the last thing I wanted to blog about was that we have turned off the cable in the living room. We still have it it is just not hooked up! Before I got pregnant with Peanut my kids watched maybe a half hour of tv a day if at all. We just did other things to fill our time. However, when I got pregnant with Peanut and had such terrible morning sickness that lasted almost the whole pregnancy all rules flew out the window and I felt that the tv was *always* on. I hated it but wasn't in a place to really do much about it. Then after she was born life was crazy and then I got sick. It just felt like it never ended and eventually my kids thought they must watch tv! Well J and I talked about it and so it came unhooked in the living room. We may be hypocrites because we can watch tv at night but I will say the kids have gotten to watch some tv it just has to be a video. I feel so much better about things now and I am feeling much better so I can keep them occupied with activities. I also want to clarify I don't think television is bad but when it is the only thing my kids want to do then I have a problem with it.

I was going through pictures on the computer to get them printed off and I came across this doesn't get much better!


sarahgrace said...

Wow, are you busy!!
I feel like I have never stopped nesting...I'm always finding some project to do and some closet to clean out and so on...
Like your new look it's very cute!

Valerie said...

It amazes me the women that say they are bored at home. Can u imagine? There are so many things I want to do. I love your blog.