Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well I started going through all my clothes mainly to pick out all the maternity that I have so I can give them to my friend who is pregnant. I have plans within the next few days to go through them all and get rid of the old/too small/too big clothes! This is the first time after a baby I have gotten rid of my maternity clothes. There is no rhythm to the space between our kids so I never knew when the next one would come but I *did* know there would be a next one! This time we are done and so the clothes must go. If I do get pregnant again I figure I could borrow from my friend or just get new clothes but I really pray that doesn't happen. As I am going through the clothes my husband looks at me and says, "Are you nesting?" I looked at him funny and said, "If I am giving away all my maternity clothes I better not be!" I have only nested during I'd like to call this de-cluttering! I must say that it feels good to have those clothes gone and know that they will get used by my friend!


Tracey said...

Good for you. Deep cleaning lightens your load.

Crissybug said...

Hahaha...guys are so funny sometimes. Shawn loves when I am in my 'nesting' phase of pregnancy.

Shari said...

It's great that your friend will get some use out of the clothes. My sister gave away all of her baby stuff, and now she's 2 months pregnant. Watch out.