Sunday, February 10, 2008

American Girl Day

Well more like hour but still GG finally got an American Girl doll. Today after church we dropped the boys off at J's parents and we took GG and Peanut to the American Girl Place. It was huge! We found the doll she wanted and an outfit and we were out of there. She has been saving her money from birthdays and scratching Grandpa's head. Yes, my dad pays my kids to scratch his head. When I was a kid I had scratch without pay. Here is her new American Girl doll named Emily, she LOVES her.

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Tracey said...

Oh, you have no idea how hard I'm chuckling over her earning money by scratching her grandpa's head! Thank you for that lovely start to my day. :) :)

Beautiful doll. I look forward to American Girl dolls with Corinne someday.