Thursday, February 28, 2008

A little of this a little of that

Well I took Peanut to the doctor yesterday and she was 17 pounds! I couldn't believe how big she is. I had to take her in because she isn't feeling good and isn't her happy content little self. I woke up Sunday morning with terrible stomach pain, I'm guessing is what she has as well. Plus, she has had runny nasty poop and she has been pooping between 15 to 20 times a day for the last 4 days not so kind on her behind. I have been using water to wipe her instead of wipes and changing her immediately after she poops as to not let it get on her bottom. This is easily done because she only wants to be held. The doctor checked her out and told me she has a virus. Nothing he can do it just has to run it's course. My stomach doesn't hurt anymore but I have a nasty headache that won't seem to GO. AWAY. I just feel bad for her as you can totally tell it is killing hurting her butt. So if you think of us say a prayer for Peanut and me as she isn't sleeping well at night and I'm tired.

Today we had a parent/teacher conference with GG's teacher. It was really cool to hear how she is doing in class. She was telling us that they make stories up in class and that GG is one of the most creative story tellers in the class. Yeah she is definitely filled with DRAMA! She also told us that she has the kindest most caring heart she has seen in a child her age. She is always the first to help people with their work or picking up toys and so on. We, of course, think she is pretty special so it's nice to hear her teacher thinks the same thing!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Peanut! Our son had that same virus, our doctore called it the rotavirus, really bad runs. We will keep her in our prayers, and you too for that matter. Hopefully it will run its course here soon, took 7 days for us.

Happi said...

awwww...I will be praying for you all. There is so much stuff going around right now. Pray for us too...our six year old has started in with a cough/cold thing today. I guess it's hard to escape at this time of the year!
Have a great weekend!

sarahgrace said...

Oh no, I hope you both feel better soon! Drew was down for the count earlier this week and Beau seems to have caught it today. I just hope the rest of us stay healthy. It's so hard when you've got all this other stuff going on too...but I don't have to tell you that! I'll be prayin' for ya!