Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Works for me Wednesday! Backwards addition

I'm looking for ideas on how to build our immune systems and to get rid of germs/bacteria in our house. We have been passing sickness back and forth between everyone for the last 2 1/2 months and I am in need of some IDEAS. Please :) Other than being a shut in as that is the way I am leaning towards as of now but if you know me is not at all possible! Also I know germs are inevitable with 4 small children but how do I keep them at minimal???? Thanks in advance as well.

Help me,
the exhausted, tired and sick mama of 4

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Kristy Howard said...

Hi Tonya! I know what you mean, we've been sharing sickness for a while now too. :oP

Check out these tips I posted recently... maybe you'll find something that works for you!


Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage

tonya said...

We have been dosing up on Vitamin C, Airborne, using lots of hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, lysol and such.

Lib had the flu and I have had some type of sinus thing but so far we are holding our own!

Good luck!!!!

Gettysburg Mom said...

So this is tough to admit in today's Purell World... but I don't shelter my kids from everyday germs. We wash hands after using the potty & before eating/cooking, but we don't sanitize after every doorknob or shopping cart handle. I have absolutely no scientific evidence, but I think the more kids use their immune systems, the tougher the immune system gets. It seems to work for us... good luck!

MamaToo said...

I wrote a while back on this, so I sympathize. It's good to remember that fighting illness does often strengthen them. That said, sick kids are no fun!

I use garlic in my cooking, and do lots of "brothy" soups. These have pretty good info on helping boost immune system. So does Vitamin C & water, so we offer "fizzy juice" (Emergen-C or similar) & yummy teas to get more fluids. Also, I try to build in more rest for everyone.

Get everyone outside. Outside air circulates better than the same-old stuff inside. If it's reasonable, open the windows a bit to air out the insides of your house, too (may not work if it's too cold, but don't be afraid of a little cool air)! :)

And then this: sometimes, what seems like a recurring cold may actually be an allergy. Some cleaning chemicals & sanitizers actually can cause sniffles, coughs, etc. in little bodies. We use more natural cleaners with success. They really are effective, and it has helped us avoid some of those reactions. Maybe these will help you. Blessings as you heal up!

The Sapersteins said...

We use the airborne, immune booster. Also try the hand santizer spray, we use that constantly. And I use lysol to clean everything (kitchen coutners, doornobs, bathrooms, etc.) It seems to help us.

Meredith said...

I only have one child so far, so I am still being a "freaky" first mom...but I do love my shopping cart seat cover for the shopping cart and public high chairs. I also keep Purell handy for when we are out, change dd's clothes before putting her down for a nap (if we have been out in germy places), and periodically spray doorknobs, handles etc... with Lysol disenfecting spray. Not sure how practical this advice is to you since you have 4 kids and are likely at least 3 times busier than me! Best of luck...I hope you all have a healthy spring! :)

OH - thanks for the potty training tip on my blog as well! :)

Susan said...

The Germans are old fashioned. This will seem crazy to the Americans, I am telling you the truth. Everyday, the German open all window in the house for 10 minutes. No matter how cold it is. They believe breathing in old stale air is very unhealthy. My husband made me do this and I thought he was crazy. Fresh air is healthy. Those crazy Germans walk all the time with their little babies in their prams in dead winter, as do I. I live near Berlin, it is stinking cold. Colder than my home Colorado ever was.

Try the airing of the house for 10 minutes.

Lady Why said...

I have Purell on my keychain, in my car and in practically every room of the house. We use it constantly! Also, everyone in the family has their own tube of toothpaste. You wouldn't believe how this cut down on our sicknesses! We also don't eat a lot of sugar which lowers the immune system and we have a toothbrush sanitizer.

You can't avoid all germs, unfortunately, but these few things have cut our sicknesses down to almost none. Knock on wood but six children and two parents have gone all winter without even a sniffle! Praise the Lord!!

sarahgrace said...

Hhmmm...everybody said everything I was thinking at least once. So nothing new from me- but I'm with the use Airborne, cut out the sugar, get outside, open the windows, cook with garlic bunch. Also...we all drink something called "Green Machine"- I don't know if you have that product available there, it's made by Naked Juice and is packed full of really good immune boosting things. It sounds and looks really gross, but it actually tastes really sweet-and passes off as dessert for our kids! Hope you get to feelin' better soon.

Tracey said...

You have got some SERIOUSLY conflicting ideas on here. We all get to pick and choose what we think works, though. Isn't that what's so awesome about being a free person?

Anyway, we rarely get sick. I completely blame my non-sanitized home. TOTALLY. Hand-sanitizers scare the crap out of me, what with the chemicals and alcohol content of some of them (some people actually put them on their diaper bag handles! I was freaking out at playgroup when I saw 3 babies playing with a bottle. It's TOXIC.)

Up the vitamin C. Wash with regular soap and water. Get more rest. You know: all of those old-fashioned remedies.

And, this sucks, but some families seem to be more prone to sicknesses than others. Talk to your doctor about allergies, as suggested above. PErhaps there is a link...