Sunday, March 09, 2008

We're back!

We went out of town to see some friends who moved to another state, their daughter was celebrating her first birthday. We stayed at the same hotel as them and went swimming. Peanut loved the water, except when the girls were screeching being loud. I forgot my camera so my friend let me take some pictures with her camera that she is going to be sending me. Anyways, it was great to see them and J and I went on a double date with the couple who have 3 girls. We got two sitters to watch the 6 kids in the hotel room. Of course, we took Peanut with us! I must say that I think I win "Mother of the Year" because I packed up the diaper bag for the movie and then left it in our hotel room. This is not a good thing when the baby has been pooping a lot to not have the diaper bag with you. As soon as I realized we didn't have it I started thinking of what I was going to do if she pooped. I told my plan to my friend and she came up with a different plan using a pad and gave me 50 cents. My plan was to get paper towel and put it on top of the poop and put the diaper back on her. This would of been great if the bathrooms had paper towels in them. I looked at the pad machine and they were 75 cents. So I hunt down an employee to see if they have any paper towels, he goes into the supply room and gets me some. I used some to clean her butt and some for the inside of the diaper and I was going to save some in case she pooped again. As I was putting the towel in the diaper she started to pee on her outfit. I quickly stuck some paper towel under her, but she had already gotten her outfit wet. No diaper bag = no extra change of clothes. The good thing was that the bathroom did have blow dryers, the outfit went under the dryer. I go back into the movie and tell my friend what happened and she laughed and said, "I should of gone with you." I replied, "Oh well it will make a good blog post!" About 10 minutes into the movie she pooped AGAIN! At this point she was tired and so J took her and put her to sleep. As soon as we got back to the hotel I changed her. Doesn't that scream Mother of the Year?


hestermom said...

Well, it does scream REALITY!! You would think that having more children would make you remember the diaper bag and to pack it better, but in my case, it has worked the opposite. I seem to forget it more often, and have it packed with nothing helpful at all.

BusyMama Kellie said...

That was hysterical, I love a good poop story! I am always forgetting the diaper bag so can totally relate. Thanks for stopping by our site, I'll be back to visit you again. More poop stories?