Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Party

Today J had his department Christmas party. We got there and ate lunch and then they started the entertainment of this guy on different size and types of bikes. This was the smallest bike he rode and it was tiny.
He called up a bunch of volunteers and this time he called GG for help! She was pretty excited. He has her hold a red ball and he had the other one and when she opened her hand she was holding both the red balls.
Then he called Monkey up. He showed everyone how he could put a whole in his shirt and then fix it. Monkey was hilarious when he sat back down he was checking out his shirt, like how did he do that!
Then Santa came out and called each kid up one by one with a present for them. As you can see Peanut was then the excited to be near that strange man. But she did real well opening up her present!
This little girl is a goof...she says you brought that present because it is the same wrapping paper we have at home. I couldn't believe she remembered that. Stinker!

Of course after he got his present he said the exact same thing...not sure if he heard his sister or he picked up on it on his own.
This one practically attacked Santa when he called his name. It was really cute.
Here is my crew with the big jolly guy. Peanut still isn't liking the thought of being near him even with big sister with her.

This is the whole group of kids at the party today.
So the two older kids were already suspicious about Santa and then at dinner J asks the kids how they liked their presents from Santa and then proceeds to tell GG that there was a darker pink colored shirt but it wasn't the right size for her. I looked at him and said, "What are you doing?" He gave me this look like "oops" and I laughed. GG says, "See you bought us those presents." J tried to cover it by saying that Santa came to the department to buy them for the kids. It was just too funny. Those are the only presents my kids get from Santa because he doesn't stop at our house.


JenC said...

How has it gone with Santa not stopping at your house? Santa will not be stopping at our house either and I was just curious if you have had problems when it comes to other people in your family that do have Santa stop or friends that have Santa stop?

Tonya said...

It has never been a problem for us. Our kids get enough presents from aunts, uncles and three sets of grandparents. BUT We really don't focus on the presents either. They know that Santa goes to other peoples houses just not ours. And they are fine with it. When strangers ask (after Christmas) did you get anything good from Santa they simple say, Santa doesn't come to our house. People don't tend to argue with a child so we have found it best for them to respond. They never say Santa isn't real or anything like that to ruin it for those people who choose to do Santa. I am blessed to have a hubby who is in a 100% agreement about not celebrating Santa on Christmas. We do have friends and family members that do Santa and some that don't. We've just agreed to disagree on the subject.

Kel said...

It's nice to know that you guys dont' have Santa stop at your house. We've just not talked to Caleb about it...and were pretty sure that it was going to be fine...but of course everyone and their mother is asking Caleb if he's excited for Santa....Brent's fam is big into Santa....we're still not entirely sure how to go about it.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I think it is a personal choice. Santa stops at our house...but we also have a birthday cake and sing "Happy Birthday" to baby Jesus. I think, if it's done in moderation, the Santa aspect is not detrimental.

But...I totally respect your decision to not do it.

Glad to hear the kids had fun at the party! We have a cookie decorating party next week!

Kristin said...

Glad you had fun! Love your new template;)

Happi said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Also, LOVE the new blog look. Totally cute!

The first few years of parenthood, we opted out of the Santa thing. But then, the day after Christmas, we were out shopping and a lady came up to Cody and said, "So, what did Santa bring you yesterday?" Cody said, "Nothing. Santa did not come to our house." The lady responded with, "Why? Were you a bad little boy this year?"

I was mortified. I don't necessarily like doing the Santa thing and we completely downplay it, but he does come to our house. Cody is asking lots of questions about it already, so I don't think he'll believe much longer anyway. He's really logical and seems to think it odd that reindeer can fly. : )

We NEED to get together real soon. I miss ya!

hestermom said...

"Santa" doesn't come to our house either. But every year we read the book (Sorry, I am using quotation marks because I can't underline) "The Legend of St. Nicholas." We talk about how the real St. Nicholas AKA Santa gave to children who were poor because God gave the greatest gift of Jesus to us all. The kids don't mind, but we just let them have their own discussions about Santa, and see where it goes. Glad you guys had such a fun party!! =) The kids look so cute.