Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday and Today

I was able to go to church, though we had to be there super early, for the kids to have their last Ark show. I must say that they kids did a great job. They really enjoy performing and I really love hearing how well they did. I had so many people compliment me on GG's singing voice and just how sweet she sounds. Monkey didn't have a solo this time but maybe next semester he will get one too! But I did have a mother tell me how well behaved Monkey was during all their practices, she was a helper so she was there. That was nice to hear as well.

Today Peanut and I only had to make one run to the store because we went grocery shopping yesterday as a family. I figured that since she is feeling well I should take her in for her 1st year appointment...only 3 months late not too bad! Once she started walking I noticed that she pushes her left hip out when she walks. I asked the doctor about it since they told me to be aware of her hips because of her being breech. She now has an appointment tomorrow with a specialist to see if there is something wrong with her hip. I think she will have to get an xray done but other than that I'm not sure what else to expect. I really hope they tell us she will out grow it or that it can be fixed with physical therapy. I will try and update you tomorrow.


Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

I love your Christmas look! I've been too busy to update mine! Sounds like the church play was a fun time, and I hope Peanut is ok. Please keep us posted.

Kristin said...

Hope Peanut's appointment goes well tomorrow and that there's not anything too outta the oridinary to do about her hip.

The Patterson's said...

Love the new design!! Good luck with your little one's appointment. Hopefully it won't be anything too serious.