Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day

What was to be the kids last day of school turned out to be a snow day. So they will get to have their Christmas parties and program (pre-school) in January when they return. That should be fun! It was a little interesting this morning with all 4 kids home because I needed to make so many cookies and brownies for various events and gathering over the next few days. They did really well playing together and keeping Peanut occupied so I could cruise on the baking. I got everything done by lunch time. I made 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies, 5 dozen snicker doodles and a double batch of butterscotch brownies! I only ate one cookie too. I left the cookies for our families consumption on the table with no lid on it and the next thing I knew Peanut had it on it's side and had two cookies, one in each hand! I was being nice and let her have one of them but I ended up eating the other since she took a bite out of both of them I couldn't put it back in the container. When she saw me coming she tried to run from me with both cookies and ended up braking them each in half. I have been trying to get her singing on video because I swear she is singing the Happy Birthday song. When I get it you'll have to let me know if I am crazy or if she really is singing that!

Tonight J told the kids he was going to take them sledding so we'll see if that happens. He said to me that he wanted to clean the house since we won't be home tomorrow and Sunday we are having company over. I am thinking that I will stay home with Peanut and clean and he can take the other three? We'll see. I would like to go and take Peanut for the first time. She has a really cute purple snowsuit though she can't stand in it! And I'm so excited because right now my nephew and bil and sil are on there way here. They have to drive 15 hours to get here but they'll be in town by tomorrow and my older brother and his family are coming in tonight. I will get to see them tomorrow for the whole day! I just wish they lived closer. Maybe one day. If I'm not on here much it is because I am enjoying the company of family.


Kristin said...

Hooray for snow days! I love when the kids get snow play time! Enjoy your time with family:)

Martie said...

I hope you have fun with your family in town! And I hope you and Peanut get to go sledding too! Have a great Christmas!