Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to School

This morning went rather smooth which I was very happy about. We got to school right when the doors opened and GG passed out her birthday invitations. She invited A LOT of girls this year. I'll come back to that later. At noon I got a phone call from school saying that they couldn't find Red's lunch. I had just gotten Peanut down for her nap and really didn't want to have to take him another lunch. When we got to school and during the handing out of invitations one of the preschool teachers (and one of Red's favorite) was taking her boy to class. Her son is in the same class with Monkey and they go to the same church as us. She offered to walk him to class which worked out great because I was meeting J at the preschool to drop off all the toys we purged from the house. They just started another class in the preschool and we figured they could use those toys and also they got out of our house. Anyway, his lunch was in the van and I brought it in when I went down with the van. When his teacher called about him not having a lunch she told me that he told her that he had left it in the van which he did but he didn't know that I brought it in. Making a short story even longer I called back after about 5 minutes and they had found it. I was so happy.
It was nice having the kids at school so I could run errands with just Peanut but man was she out of sorts. She kept walking around the house looking for her playmates. I felt so bad for her but she was so excited to see them this afternoon. Hope she will get used to them being gone fast.
Ok about the party... we are having it at our house and I'm actually really excited about it. We haven't done a house party since her third birthday. The theme is a "pretend" sleepover, I got the idea from a mom at church. The girls are bringing their pj's and a pillow. We're going to have pizza and cake and do hair and nails, you know what you do at a normal sleepover except that they will all go home at 7:30pm. That is my favorite part. I have enlisted a few high schoolers to help and another mom and have banished J and the other three from the party! Don't want Peanut or Red walking around with the fear of them burning their hands on the curling irons and such or nail polish spilling or just annoying the girls. Of course, if Monkey was here he would totally leave the girls alone NOT! He is only a grade below them and it just wouldn't be good so away they go. I can't believe she is going to be 8 years old, do you know what that means??? She is going to be out of a car seat, FOREVER. I will only have 3 kids in car seats it is a huge milestone for me her. Next she will be able to sit in the front seat. Make her stop growing so fast.


Kristin said...

Can't wait to assist in the girly party!!! I know, they do grow way too fast! Before you know it, they'll have a family of their own;) sad about Peanut missing her buddies...she's right at that age to not quite understand...where'd they go?!!

Tracey said...

I know... Justin is able to sit in the front seat and it still freaks me out.

Happy Birthday GG!! I like the idea of a sleepover without the sleeping. Awesome.

But I don't think I'll convince Justin of it this year... :)

Nap Warden said...

Why do they keep growing? I can't seem to stop them;P

Julie M. said...

That party sounds fun! You don't have to worry about an actual sleepover. Like your new blog look

Becoming Me said...

Happy New Year. I hope you have a wonderful new week too

KC said...

sounds like fun.. We are party planning now also.. Both my girls birthdays are this month.. My oldest Princess is turning 13 yrs on the 18th and then Sweet Pea will be 7 yrs old on the 29th. Princess and I are still talking about what we can and can not do this year for her birthday she is use to maga parties, with a huge amount of friends, the socal butter fly she is LOL.. but with DH's job and the mess the economy has taken on it that just can't happen this year.. But Sweet Pea has her party all planned out. She is having her 1st birthday party sleep over this year.. We are having all the girls come in there PJ's pring there pillow and sleeping bags.. Going to make pizza and play twister and do make overs and paint nails and all that fun stuff, then do cake and some time when they are starting to look sleepy lay the sleeping bags out in the living room and turn on a movie for them to watch as they fall asleep.. get up have breakfast and send them all home.
But with her being my 3rd child we are use to the birthday slumber/sleep over parties Princess had her 1st one in 1st grade and has had one every year since(she is in 7th now) and Mr Man had his 1st boy sleep over birthday party in 1st grade and he is in 3rd grade now.. So Sweet Pea has been looking forward till she was in 1st grade(this year) so that she could have her 1st birthday slumber party.