Friday, January 30, 2009

Thrown Off

So yesterday was our Friday school wise. Too celebrate this 3 day weekend we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese. It was packed in there. I guess they were having some sort of fundraiser in one of the schools. Very glad that J came with because the spot that we parked in was extremely hard to get out of due to the two vehicles that came after we were already there. People were making their own parking spots! If I tried getting out someone would of gotten hit. It was a fun night though.

Then this morning it was up and out the door to church. This Bible study is so good and there is just so much good parenting information on doing it biblical. We got home around 1:30 the two little ones took naps and the big ones helped clean the house for our company tonight. Tomorrow is our relaxing day at home and Sunday is the all church family lunch and then meeting after then later we are heading to our friends from church for a Super Bowl party. I love our church!!! They are like extended family :) Have a good and safe Super Bowl weekend!


hestermom said...

What Bible study are you guys doing?

Tonya said...

Entrusted with a Child's Heart. The website is it is awesome and this is my second time taking it :)

Julie M said...

I'd like to take my kids to Chuck E Cheese sometime. Darn Macomb...they don't have anything around here!