Monday, February 16, 2009

Back to life.

Thursday night at my dad's we decided to have a really low key weekend with the main attraction of sleeping in, we watched Swing Vote on demand! Friday we left Peanut with grandma and went out to lunch and then to see a matinee of He's just not that into you it was a cute movie. Glad we went when it was cheaper. After it was over we went back to my dad's and I picked Peanut up and headed home. The babysitter got to our house at 5pm and J and I went out. We went to the Family Christian Bookstore, I was in desperate need of a new Bible. My friend Lisa has this really cool study Bible so I went in search of that one and I found it! It was my Valentine's Day present. After we spent a good hour in the store we realized that we only had an hour before we were suppose to be at my dad's. We went to Potbelly's for a quick bite. The program was really cute and I loved spending time with J on our date. Then we came back to my dad's and J left me there. It was the weirdest feeling going on a date with your husband and being left at your parents house when it is over. Saturday we slept in and when we got ready we went bowling for an hour and took Roberta out to lunch for Valentine's day. Then dad and I went shopping. We went to Old Navy and I got some shirts and shorts and then we headed to the mall where my dad bought some items. Then we went to my house and got the family for a Valentine's dinner. GG was grandpa's date and she got all dressed up. It was really cute. We ate at Noodles and Company. GG and my dad sat at a table for two across from the booth we sat at and I loved watching her talk to my dad with her legs crossed all grown up like. She is such a cutie pie. Then we took Peanut and went back to my dad's. We watched The Producers not a great movie. Sunday was the movie marathon!!! We watched...Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Swept Away, Lost in Translation, Micheal Clayton, Matador, and Inside Man. We pretty much had a relaxing Sunday, we did go get Subway for lunch but brought it home to eat while watching movies and we ordered pizza for dinner. Then today I had doctor's appointment. I finally have a name to my pain. Though it isn't really curable it can be manageable from my understanding, but maybe it is curable? I'll have to ask my next appointment. Oh yeah it is fibromyalgia. Now I'm home and ready to get back to life. It was such a great relaxing weekend. I'm glad my dad was happy to have the low key weekend like I wanted because he kept saying he wanted to go to the Dells and go here and there and I just really wanted to relax.


Kristin said...

Glad you were able to relax!

Adina said...

I'm so glad you're not in the dark anymore and they were able to come with a diagnosis. I'll go read up on it now.
And glad you had some down time. Missed you on Sun.

Kat said...

My sis has fibromyalgia too. And from what I understand stress really aggravates it. As soon as my sister got out of some stressful situations it got a ton better. She barely notices it now. I hope you find a way to work with it, through it. But at least you know what it is now.
Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend! :)

sarahgrace said...

Oh, Tonya, I'm so sorry to hear about the fibromyalgia! I will keep you in my prayers, honey! I was hoping it was just the stone, and you'd pass it and it'd be over with. Hang in there!