Friday, February 12, 2010


We have been busy these last few weeks with some out of state visitors. My sister in law and her two boys ages 4 years old and 6 weeks came to visit. They are staying with the in laws. It has been fun to see the baby and let the cousins spend some time together. Somethings that stick out in my mind since they have been here are as follows. Wednesday Peanut and I went to pick them up for a McDonalds play date. It had snowed about 10 inches. Well the driveway was shoveled all but the entry way. I tried getting in and got stuck. A truck pulled up behind me and was not going anywhere because I couldn't move. He offered to help get it out of the snow. Then he pulled out his snow blower from the back of his truck and proceeded to snow blow my in laws entry way. My father in law was outside when all of this was going down but his snow blower had just broken which is why the rest of the snow wasn't gone. It was just an interesting situation but God provided this man at the right time and I am so thankful. That same day I got to hold the baby in his sleepy wrap for about 2 hours. I loved it. Thursday we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for some fun. My sis in law had never been, EVER. It was a fun time even though the baby had a blow out of poop!!! Today my older nephew went to Red's Valentine's party with him. When the party was over I took him home and Peanut, Red and I stayed for awhile. All four kids napped and Virginia and I talked. It was really nice and relaxing. When my older two got home I was shown a picture on my husband's phone of GG's art project with a blue ribbon. She had won first place in her grade. I know I am a little biases but it was really a good drawing. Also the kids came home with Valentine's balloons they had bought for J and I. It was so sweet of them. They secretly took money to school out of their piggy banks. Oh speaking of piggy banks. On Monday I had an errand to do at the bank and Peanut was with me. She kept calling the bank a piggy bank it was so cute.

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Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I have these memories of our first house, being hugely pregnant, having to shovel the looooong driveway so that Patrick could pull in after his late shift. There was always a man who would drive by with his mini-plow and do my driveway in mere minutes. I never knew who he was and he always had a scarf or ski mask on(kind of scary, actually...).