Monday, May 03, 2010

Mother Daughter Retreat and Chaos

I feel like the last few days have been total and complete chaos. Friday GlamorGirl and I headed to a mother daughter retreat with another mom and daughter from church. Once we got there we unpacked and made our beds. Then it was time to start with the first session. The lady who spoke at the retreat is a friend of mine from H.S.'s mother in law and I went to college with her two oldest kids. I hope that makes sense. Anyways, my friend ended up being there which was a nice surprise but I felt torn because the weekend was about GG and I getting to spend time together but I wanted to catch up with my friend too. In the end I think I balanced it all pretty good. That night we stayed up talking until about 11:30pm when we finally rounded up the girls and headed to our rooms. Each mother daughter had a room with two beds and a toilet. There were community showers but so nice to have our own toilet :) By the time I got GG settled and into bed it was after midnight. The next morning came fast. The first noise I heard was at 7am! The day started with this HUGE breakfast totally not apart of our diet but we needed to eat something. We had our second session after that and then what they called "girl power" which is what we did after all 3 of the sessions. I took GG and we went to a place outside and talked over the sheets we were given. Then we came back and played a game. The game was really cute it was played like the newlywed game but made into a mother daughter version. Then it was lunch time. The afternoon was "free time" we could canoe, bike ride, paint, go into town or do whatever. We decided it was too windy to canoe or bike ride. We painted the flower pots they had for us. GG and her friend made sand castles at the beach for awhile until we went to the snack shop and got ice cream! We had about an hour left before it was time for dinner so we started packing up our room and getting dressed up for the fancy dinner. We had our last session after that then we left. It went by way too fast. All the moms and daughters said they wished it was another night and day. We always have next year! We got home Saturday night a little before 10pm. Since being back it has been chaos! Sunday it was up for church, home eat lunch, go grocery shopping, unpack, make dinner, go back to church, home, get kids to bed, make lunches and go to sleep. Then today we all got up and ready and left together. J called to say we had to go home without him because he was going to be working late. Love the overtime hate him being gone it's what I call a double edge sword. I got home did homework, made dinner, cleaned up, bathed everyone (more like supervised), did bedtime, did dishes, made lunches, and now I'm blogging. J got home a few minutes ago so I'm going to go talk to him.

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Kristin said...

Busy, fun times!!:) Glad you had a wonderful retreat:)