Friday, March 04, 2011

Hello Blog it's been awhile!

Sometimes life seems so crazy and busy and then it stops and you look back and think, what in the world have I been doing lately? Yeah well that is how I feel. Let's see what are the highlights or low lights since the last time I updated...
* organized the family room closet and now the kids toys have a place to go and be concealed, love that!
*we got our taxes done and have received the refund.
*we can now start the bath remodel with said funds.
*GlamorGirl got a new dresser and Peanut is now using her old one minus the top broken drawer. It will have to do until we can afford to get her a new one too. Red doesn't even have a dresser he has the elfa drawers in the closet. It works for now.
*picked the kids teachers for next year. Monkey doesn't have any of his best buds in his class but I think he will still have a wonderful year. He will have a male teacher. GG has her best friend in her class next year. Red has one of my favorite teachers so I'm really excited about that.
*Red made the Sparks-A-Rama team for the Awana Games, he is super excited about that as am I.
*the diamond in my wedding ring fell out. We can't find it and it isn't insured. UGH!
*took Peanut and myself to get a blood draw a recheck on the c4a levels. Poor girl had to get stuck twice because the first vein burst. So sad.
*Monkey had a friend over after school to play. I am really enjoying having play dates because I get to know his friends better.
*my tummy didn't feel the greatest at dinner and I decided not to go to JAM just in case.
*my dad came to watch the kids and they scratched his head, with a purpose, of donating their earnings (yes he pays them to scratch his head) to help pay for a clean water well in Africa.

Our church is doing a fund raiser and there are three levels. I was going to try and type this all out but I think this video would do a better job explaining the levels and how you can contribute even if you don't attend our church or know me in person.

This LINK should take you right to the giving page for Bethel or you can type in The Water Project in google, once you get to the page click the fundraiser tab, click find a friend then type in Bethel Community Church. All donations are tax deductible and you receive an email immediately after donating. I would love to see us reach our goal and then surpass it immeasurably. There are also other video clips on the fund raising page and the guy talking in this video is our youth pastor at our church, my kids love him!


Adina said...

hey! nice to see you too! it's been a while :)

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Your kids get to pick their teachers? Wow have times changed. We were never allowed to do that when I was growing up in the 70's and 80's.