Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Totally Inappropriate

I was absolutely shocked by the way one of the female camp counselor was acting at the pool today. First of all this girl had some gigantic breasts. She couldn't even keep them in her swimsuit. However, the size of her chest is not what was inappropriate though. The way she was flirting with the boys who were probably about 11 to 12 years old was absolutely WRONG. Another mom and I sat and watched her for awhile and I finally said something 'cause I could tell she was watching this girl too. She couldn't believe it either. At one point she walked away from the three boys and blew them a kiss. Seriously?! She was also going off the high dive and let me just tell you it wasn't pretty. I actually felt sorry for her. At another point one of the boys came up to her to talk and his height and her chest level were the exact same. All this little boy could see was her chest half hanging out of her swimsuit. If I sent my kids to a camp and there was a counselor there like that I would be VERY unhappy with their behavior. There is no need to be flirting with young boys when you are at least twice their age. I believe I heard this girl say she was a teacher which would put her at 23ish? This world is so fallen, it makes me sick. Other than the above we had a fabulous time at the pool. This morning the two boys didn't want to go but by the time I wanted to leave I couldn't drag them out of the pool. All three of the kids are laying down for nap/quiet time.


Jody said...

Ugh! That is so sad and disgusting at the same time. My oldest daughter will be 12 in Sept and is going inot the 7th grade this fall. We have talked a lot about modesty and I'm sure we will revisit the discussion every time we shop for clothing.

We have a neighborhood pool in our subdivion and I am shocked at the way some of the other middle school girls dress at the pool. Just because they have "develped" physically doesn't mean they need to let it all hang out.

April said...
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