Sunday, June 12, 2011


The other night Jeff was gone late with the two oldest kids at the White Sox vs Seattle game. I was trying to stay awake so I decided to reread my blog from the beginning. I only got through maybe two months but I filed away a couple entries to share with GG when I had time. I always tell her how much Peanut is like her but she just doesn't believe me. So when I was reading about how she colored on her belly when she was two I just had to share that with her! But it also made me think that I don't really blog about Peanut's silliness. I do put it on facebook but that is harder to go back and look at. So I've gone through my facebook page and pulled out some funny statuses of the kids to put on the good ole blog for memory sake. This is about a 3 month span of time April to June.
Red is counting his potato chips to make sure they are the same as Peanut's...for real kid?
Peanut says, "The birds wake me up in the morning." I say thank you birds for letting her sleep til 8am :)
during the car ride home loved listening to Peanut recite Ephesians 2:8 & 9 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and not from yourselves, it is the gift of God - not by works, so no one can boast.
Peanut wants Chips and Broccoli...she means guacamole!
Peanut in the van today: I really like my seat cart! (her car seat)
Peanut cracks me up. If you could hear some of the things she calls her different body parts! Too funny...her nipples are referred to as hips or pimples!
getting ready to go watch my girl, GG, play SOCCER!!!
riding our bikes home from Monkey's practice I feel something funny on the back of my bike. I ask Peanut what she is doing and next thing I know I feel the seat she is riding in slide off the back. I stop and try and catch her. The seat hung on by a strap and she wasn't hurt. Praising God for His protection!
eating dinner I asked the kids who wanted salad, Peanut says, "I do with rice dressing." I love her word mistakes they are just too stinkin cute!
got greeted this morning with Happy Mother's Day Eve! Haha I get the whole weekend :)
was just informed that Peanut is going to have a headache on Mother's Day...little stinker!
sent my oldest on a field trip without someone from our family going with her...this is a first!
this weather is absolutely CRAZY. It just hailed here for only 5 minutes. Red was looking out the window said, "Mom it's snowing!
was just informed by Peanut that when she grows up she wants to be a human! bwahahaha
Red's (cup)cake...dueling light-sabers. He LOVED it. As did all the boys at the party.
can't wait to see Monkey's face when he gets home and sees the basketball hoop in the driveway! GG will have to wait until tomorrow...
Monkey's game today was anything BUT boring! He pitched the first two innings and make an award winning catch...they won! I'm lovin baseball.
an extremely tired Peanut crying in her bed says, "I want a banana man to come inside and I like bathes" All to not go to sleep...haha
what a great night to fly kites!!
It's FIELD TRIP day!!!! I love having the ability to go on these :)
has decided that Peanut getting a cat nap is WAY better than her skipping her nap altogether!
off to watch the B-man play baseball!!! A little chillier then I would like but not too bad :)
what a fun family night at the Chicago Bandits! Got some really cool pictures and got to talk to the starting pitcher before the game. She was super sweet with the kids!!!
asked Red what he wanted to do tomorrow night because he graduates Kindergarten and the rest of the family is going to the White Sox minus Peanut and he says, "Watch Tangled" I was prepared to take him out for ice cream or something but I'll take this instead!
Panera and the Park is how we spent our night without daddy, GG and Monkey. And now they are eating ice cream ;)
Peanut's new favorite phrase...How did you know?
The last one is the most recent and just cracks me up. When she wakes up in the morning I say go to the bathroom. She says, "How did you know?" I will tell her something and she will ask, "How did you know?" It is just too funny!!! I do have a blog in the making of Red's graduation but I couldn't find the camera until yesterday but we were gone all day doing Super Saturday with Monkey's baseball team.

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