Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trip to Grandma's house

First of all it's Father's Day and the father of this house is finally HOME! This past week he took a trip to Canada with his dad to go fishing. While they were gone the kids and I took a quick trip to see my mom and grandparents. We were only able to go Wed thru Friday afternoon due to Monkey's baseball schedule but I think that was plenty of time to break of our time without dad home. Thursday the kids went to a VBS with their Aunt and Uncle (who are both 9 years old) as I was registering Monkey the lady says, "We have another B~ here." Monkey and I looked at each other...this was a new thing for him. He has a unique name and this will probably be the only time he gets to meet another kid with his name. After it was over I asked him if he got to meet the other kid with his name. He said yes. I then asked who was older...just wanted to know. Of course, my guy was older ;) Friday we took the kids to the public pool. While we were there a family that I had babysat in H.S. was there. The mom came up to me. It has been over 12 years since I babysat for them and the girls are now both married and one has two kids. They got to meet my four. They LOVED my kids names...they especially liked Monkey and Peanuts, I think it was because they are a little more unique then the other two. I learned that the two grandkids also have very unique names, so fun. We had a great time visiting with my mom and grandparents and can't wait to go back. I really hope we get to spend a lot of time with my grandparents this summer because neither one of them are doing the greatest health wise and I really want my kids to have memories of their great grandparents. Today for Father's Day we are going on my dad's boat. But it is suppose to rain so I hope that the weather doesn't foil our plans.

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mikeanddebbie said...

Sounds like a fun trip!!!