Tuesday, January 24, 2012

lifted spirits

The last week or so I have been having the winter blues, you know just kind of blah. This morning did not help because we had to all get up super early because I had a doctor's appointment at 8am. We usually leave the house at 8:05 so having to drop the kids off at school and then get to the doctor's office by 8 was a little rough this morning plus I hate "fasting" for the blood drawl. Then it was a whirlwind of errands I had to run, one of which was Walmart, (this is important) Peanut and I didn't home around 11:30. This afternoon as I was doing stuff around the house and thinking about the rest of our week I realized that I had forgot to look for ballet slippers for Peanut. Her first class is Thursday! We had some time before I had to get the kids so we went back to Walmart and what should of been a quick visit turned into a much longer one then I expected because I couldn't find the ballet section or an employee to help me. I finally found someone who took me to the small (I remember it being much larger in years past) spot of stuff. Then I had to search for the right sizes in slippers and tights. And I had forgotten my phone. It just wasn't a great day. We were late getting the kids, I couldn't call anyone, and I was tired. As we walked up to the check out Peanut dropped her slippers on the ground from inside the cart. The lady in front of us picked it up and handed it back to her. Then the lady said, "Here let me have that and I'll buy it for you." Me: "That is really nice of you but you don't have to do that." Her: "But I want to (and then she took the tights too) and these too." After she bought them she gave the bag to Peanut and grabbed her cheeks and said "Jesus loves you." Peanut told her "And I love you too." I told her to say thank you which she did and I thanked her too. She really didn't need to do that. But at that moment I felt God telling me. I see you. I know you are having a hard day. Here is some encouragement and know that I love you. Thank you God, I needed to hear that and feel that. I needed to write this down to remind myself of what happened because once I got the kids everything went up in smoke again. Have I ever mentioned I am not a big fan of whining, arguing, fighting or just bad attitudes? Yeah well I'm not.


Apple 4 the Teacher said...

I love this. love how God talks to us in special ways ;) -Kat

Adina said...

Wow, does He loves us!!