Monday, August 08, 2005

So much has happened these last few days here are some highlights! Friday we had a date with Wal-mart, we needed toilet paper desperately, and then a lunch date with grandpa. Saturday we had a picnic dinner at the park and daddy met us there while he was working. Then the kids played for about 2 hours then came home washed them up and off to bed we went. Sunday we got up and went to church then g & g M. met us at church and we headed downtown to the Children's Museum. That place was so cool. There were two levels and so much stuff for the kids to do. One room was called Water Ways and the kids had to put on raincoats so they could play with the water and not get too wet! GG and Monkey each got to be bubble bees on a big computer screen. They painted their faces, climbed on things, built things, and used their imaginations. When we had seen everything and done everything we went for some ice cream. Then we took my parents back to their car and headed over to J's parents house. Joe and J left to go fishing and we ate Phil's pizza for dinner, it is one of my favorite pizzas. Now we are at today! We got up and dropped the kids off for VBS at school. Then J, Red and I went grocery shopping. It was amazing how much stuff we got done with the other two gone this morning. I love having them around but I am looking forward to school starting and getting playgroup started. We just got our newest member July 31st!!! While the kids were gone I made dinner for us and our friends who just had their baby. Then we got to bring the meal to them and meet the new baby boy. He is a cutie!!! Ok that is it for now.

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