Saturday, August 27, 2005

The last few days have been so relaxing for me. Friday I got a full body massage it was a gift from the hospital where I delivered Red. That night we went to see Liz play volleyball and after the game we had some friends over to play cards. Then this morning I went over to my friends house and got a facial. That was nice. My face feels so good. Tonight J and I were sitting in the living room and Monkey was sitting with J and GG and Red were sitting with me. J was whispering to Monkey things to say to me. It was so funny. J told him to tell me. "You look very attractive." It came out, "You look like a tractor." He was saying other things that came out funny too but I thought that was the best one! The kids have 2 more weeks before school starts. On Monday GG is going to meet with her new teacher and pick out her seat and locker, she is very excited about that. Well I need to go to bed we have church tomorrow morning and last night was a late night and this morning was an early morning. Not to mention I had a super hot Monkey sleep with me last night. He was on fire but during the night his fever broke, it was vaccination related which makes me so mad. I won't go into that right now.

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