Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The kids!

GlamorGirl is my little entrepreneur every time we see my dad he pays the kids to scratch his head, they get a dollar for every 4 minutes. He loves to have his head scratched and his back snapped so I bet in a few years when the kids are a little heavier they will be walking on his back to make money too. Anyways, Sunday my dad and step mom came over to play games with the kids, the plans we had with them got canceled because of the rain. Shortly after they were here the offer to scratch my dad's head came up and GG jumped on it. Monkey usually scratches too but he didn't want too. Well after my dad paid her he asked if she has used any of the money she has gotten. I told him that we have told her she could but she doesn't ever want too. She then tells me she is saving to get a bunny for a pet. Thus began our research on bunnies and how much they cost and how much more money she needs to save. She has $20, not all from head scratching! I told her once she had $100 saved we would talk to daddy about getting a pet bunny. I am all for it as I think it would be a great way to teach her about money and how much things cost there is just so many lessons to be had from her saving, buying and taking care of a bunny.

Also over the last few weeks we have started a chore chart for the kids to earn money it isn't very much they get 5 cents per job but it has helped make the house run smoother because they know what is expected from them. Plus, it is another way for GlamorGirl to earn more money towards her bunny! We normally do chore charts during the school year to make everything run. Summer time is so relaxed and laid back we get away from it. But in preparation for the new baby and school starting in 3 weeks we started it early. I have also changed our bedtime routine from summer hours to school hours in hopes that by the time school starts they will get enough sleep. I am excited for school to start but I really am going to miss GG because she is going full days this year.

I have my doctor's appointment today at 1:30 then we have a visitation right afterwards then I need to eat and go to my Bible study so I might update either really late tonight or tomorrow morning. Prayers are very appreciated!


Tee said...

I hope your doctor's appointment went well.

Looking forward to bunny pictures in the future. They are so cute!

tonya said...

Update soon on your dr's visit!
In my prayers!